Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Climate change may bury the Famous landmarks in U.S

Climate change is real. Governments and public need to pay more attention to the global warming and catastrophe in the making.

Please watch the video here

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  1. I like the term "early onset" climate change. We're already wobbly but most of us don't realize it.

    I get awakened these days by the bark of sea lions that seem to have taken up permanent residence on the beach, possibly due to the influx of masses of bait fish - sardines and anchovies - that have migrated out of warmer, southern waters.

    With California in mind, we look anxiously at the snowpack atop our island mountains and hope that the predictions of a hot summer driving major forest fires won't come to pass.

    I read an interesting item on Miami where sea level rise, coupled with the porous limestone that underlies Florida, sends seawater flooding streets through storm sewers during high tides.

    It's happening, LD, and we're not doing a damned thing about it. We know that Canada needs many hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs and upgrades to our essential infrastructure, the ultimate stimulus effort, and our politicians are simply looking the other way, terrified of getting smeared for big spending plans to hike taxes.

    You can't get through this stuff without solid leadership and, on that score, we're fresh out.

  2. Mound, good to hear from you.

    I agree everything you stated. Harper does not give a damn. He is obsessed with developing Tar Sands and building pipeline through U.S and Canada. That dirty oil will be piped to Saint John, New Brunswick. Irvings will do the refining and then ship it all over the world. People are opposed but who cares as far as Harper and Irvings are concerned.

  3. Sobering images, LD, that attest to our collective heedlessness. Sadly, far too many continue in their refusal to open their eyes.

  4. Lorne, you'r right. This year's weather should be a wake-up calls.

  5. Lead story in this morning's Times-Colonist. Vancouver Island glaciers will be gone in 25-years at the outside. Gone, melted, vanished, tout finis.

    Thanks the Gods, global warming is a myth.

  6. Mound, given this year's weather I hope more people will understand that global warming is real.

    We got the worst winter ever. Melting glaciers on the north pole were sending cold cold air to the south. I have never seen so much snow. And Spring has not arrived here yet. Snow is gone but it is cold and cloudy most of the time.