Monday, April 07, 2014

Fires in California in winter and melting of glaciers on the Northern Pole

It is very troubling and unsettling. What next?

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  1. What's next? Why, stay tuned? We'll find out soon enough and it's almost certain we'll express surprise that it's happening so much faster than expected. That's become the new reality. We are constantly underestimating the severity and rate of appearance of climate change impacts.

    The truly shameful part, LD, is that we're not only refusing to mitigate our emissions, we're neglecting to introduce adaptation strategies we'll need to preserve our societies and our economy.

    While unquestionably dire, climate change is, in any event, but one of several existential threats facing life on Earth and we're not dealing with the others either. Add into the mix over-population and over-consumption plus our slavish embrace of exponential growth, all of them choking out our very finite planet, our one and only biosphere, and you have a powerful formula for collapse.

    There are effective solutions to all of these problems but the majority of us lack the will to demand them, in some cases perhaps out of fear of change, and the most affluent block them at every turn because they threaten their "business as usual" prosperity.

    The history of mankind is littered with examples of societies that chose the path of their own collapse. None, however, did it to the degree of our own.

  2. Mound, thank you for your comment. It is very comprehensive and I cannot add anything to it. I 100% agree with you.

  3. Mound, I should add that I miss your updates on your blog.

  4. Here's something you should watch, LD.