Saturday, March 08, 2014

Nova Scotia Newspaper in Hot Water Over Cartoon Comparing Harper to Nazis

Harper is a horrible prime minister, he does not care about democracy or science. He has tarnished Canada's image on the world stage by promoting the tarsands and by supporting George W. Bush style militarism. Canada was denied a seat on the UN Security Council because of how Harper has damaged the country's international reputation. No longer peacekeepers.

I have no use for Harper, he is a bully with authoritarian tendencies promoting destructive policies, but calling is Nazi is a little too much.

The cartoon (pictured above) appeared in the Pictou Advocate - a weekly Nova Scotia newspaper. It was inappropriate. The overuse of Nazi analogies to slander political opponents - this has been done by the lunatic Tea Party in the United States with Obama - trivializes the horrors of Hitler's regime, the bloodshed of WWII, and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Please, let's criticize and call out Harper for his abominable government, but do not resort to tactics comparing him or his policies to Nazism, trivializing a 20th century tragedy.

You can read more on this and watch the story from CTV Atlantic here.

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  1. ...he is a fascist though, and that's not trivializing anything in past but merely a warning for the future

  2. The tragedy began subtly enough, with good people being convinced that doing bad things was in their best interests. What IS the line exactly, that must be crossed, in your definition of Nazi-ism before any comparisons can be made?

  3. RuralRoots and 131220 I understand what you're saying. But let's not forget that Hitler killed 6 million Jews and millions of other minorities.

    Harper is a jackass dictator but calling him Nazi is too much. I am hoping that come next elections he will be gone.

  4. The NAZIs were a particular political party and many of their policies were directed at Germany and their particularly expansionist tendencies in the 1930s. However, the wider political ideology of which they were one manifestation, to wit - fascism, is an ideology of which Harper is a contemporary manifestation. To fail to recognize this is, I believe, foolishness.

    Dr. Britt's Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism make Harper's closeness to this ideology fairly clear. You can see them here -

  5. Kirby Evans, Harper is fascist alright. I agree there. I hope Canadians will put an end to his regime in 2015.