Friday, March 07, 2014

Harper's 'Fair' Elections Act

 Has Harper gone crazy? Does he care about democracy? He seems more and more a dictator. Harper's Conservatives even shortened debate in the House of Commons over this bill.

The Chief Electoral Officer was not involved in the drafting process, he only saw it after the media did. Usually, for a bill of this nature, the Chief Electoral Officer would be involved. This bill limits the ability of the Chief Electoral Officer to communicate with the public, he stated that he is barred from talking about democracy.

It was quite something watching Harper's Minister of State for Undemocratic Reform, Pierre Poilievre, spin this in the above video. British Columbia's former Chief Electoral Officer has expressed concerns about central polling supervisors being appointed by the incumbent candidate or their party, something that increases the potential for abuse. He stated that this was "completely inappropriate in a democracy." These are nonpartisan voices - experts in electoral law and process - being ignored.

Do the CONS have any sense of decency or respect for the democratic process? You can read more on the Unfair Elections Act here.

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  1. I watched Poilievre yesterday on P&P, LD. Like the oily slimeball he is, and as is evident in the video you have posted, he has facile answers for every objection, none of which ring true if you scratch below the surface. He did the same thing yesterday in dismissing all of the objections Mayrand brought forth in his testimony to the Standing Committee on the bill.

  2. Lorne, you are quite right. I thought Evan Solomon did ask him very tough questions but the slimeball succeeded to evade each and everyone of them. I am sure he did the same in front of the Standing Committee.

    Governments train people how to evade questions. I took one, for the fun of it, and it is amazing how you can play with the words and change the topic.

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Did you catch PP's smug grin when he said...the day's testimony was flawed and 'enough said...nothing to see here- let's move on'. I could not believe what I was seeing. And, Evan lets them skate, and get away with that shite, everytime. Don M, at least, (even if it is after they leave) tells us to take a shower 'n' washtheconoff!

  4. liberalandlovingit, Harper has cut CBC funding. They're scared and objectivity in reporting has gone.

  5. Anonymous1:38 pm

    ...and Harper's been installing his 'own' all over the place. Like weeds. Or invasive species...