Friday, February 21, 2014

"How A Former General Lost His 'Political Virginity'"

This was a front page headline on The Huff Post yesterday.

Retired general Andrew Leslie might have expected the 
verbal jostling that comes with the rough and tumble of 
politics — after all, both of his grandfathers served as 
Liberal defence ministers. (CP) | CP
Lost his 'political virginity'

Leslie may have been prepared for the scrutiny that began last weekend with Conservative MPs questioning his 2012 moving expenses, which totalled $72,225.86 — the bulk of which was likely realtor fees. Leslie moved a couple of blocks under a program that sees the government cover the costs of a final move for members of the Canadian Forces when they leave the military.

Leslie's moving expenses were the subject of two statements by Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, who now occupies a position once held by both Claxton and Andrew McNaughton, his paternal grandfather.

Optics of General Leslie's moving expenses don't look good.

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  1. While one can debate the merits of his costs, LD, what bothers me most about this whole affair is that we know if Leslie were not seeking a Liberal nomination, Harper's attack dogs would not have been turned on him. The partisanship that marks everything the Harper cabal does continues to absolutely sicken me.

  2. Lorne, you're right about Harper cabal. They're having a field day with it. They want people to forget Senate scandal.