Thursday, February 20, 2014

General Andrew Leslie's Moving Expenses

How can someone spend over $70,000 to move just a few minutes away? Did Andrew Leslie use a Lamborghini to tow the moving trailer? In an economy when many are struggling to make ends meet, when young people are struggling to find jobs, this guy can charge over $70,000 for moving expenses? Really?

I think it is important to support our veterans, but this program should have caps on how much can be claimed. Really, for a move of such a short distance, it is hard to imagine how it could cost anywhere near $70,000.

What is especially baffling in all this, why are Liberals defending General Leslie? Makes no sense. This is a clear abuse of a government program. Even if he was supposed to be a star Liberal candidate, this shows he's a deeply tainted star. Liberals shouldn't be defending him, especially as Justin Trudeau wants to present a new Liberal Party with a new kind of politics.

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  1. Realtor fees are typically 5 or 6%. Lt.Gen. Leslie downgraded from a $1 million home. Do the math. Remember also that the DND made all the arrangements and paid directly Royal Lepage and everyone else.

  2. ChrisInOtt, DND is supposed to pay for moving expenses only. Surely Lt. Gen sold his house at a higher price than he bought for. He probably made money there. Paying commission to realtor by taxpayers does not sound right. DND needs to change the rules.

    It is the perception which matters. It reflects badly on the cause of veterans.

  3. No, LD. DND pays relocation costs that include real estate commissions. We expect these people to pull up stakes and move themselves and family many times during their careers. Leslie and family had to move 18-times. I don't begrudge Leslie this perk.

    Vancouver Island is a hotbed for retiring service personnel. A lot of Navy types try to get their last posting to Esquimalt, outside of Victoria, so they can put down retirement roots. The same goes on for Air Force types up island who try to land postings at Comox.

    The higher up you go, the more often you're required to pack your bags. A good many people move three or four times in the course of a career. Damned few have to do it 18-times.

  4. Mound, I understand what you're saying but the optics are real bad. DND should change the rules.

    Cons are having a field day with it.

    It also hurts the cause of veterans in general. Harper government has closed many Veterans' centres which provided basic services to veterans as healthcare. Now Cons are using Gen Leslie's case to point out the waste of resources.