Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canada Stands Alone - John Baird on Iran

Is John Baird trying to out-Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister? Canada used to be seen as a force for peace on the world stage, but Baird is opposing a widely supported deal that would see Iran eliminate its nuclear weapons program. President Obama and other world leaders played a key role in spearheading this deal, Secretary of State John Kerry is also to be commended for his efforts on this.

John Baird and Stephen Harper are an embarrassment to our country on the world stage, they are standing for war and belligerence rather than peace and diplomacy. This is not the Canada I know.

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  1. Oil prices fall, shares rise in wake of Iran nuclear deal


    "Uh oh, oil prices are going to fall? That's not going to be very good for our 3:1 EROEI oilsand projects. We'd better oppose this deal and ensure worldly conflict keeps the price for 'ethical oil' high." - John Baird's Brain

  2. Richard, thank you for your comment.

    Oil is one factor. There is more to it. Harper and Baird are playing a poodle to Netanyahu. I believe there is a strong lobby for Israel in Canada and these lobbyists make substantial political contributions to Cons. In other words they're sold out to Israel.