Wednesday, October 16, 2013

U.S Government Shutdown

The writing is on the wall that the U.S is hurting because of this shutdown. After tomorrow the U.S government may not be able to pay its debt installments. Warren Buffett calls it 'pure act of idiocy'. What is wrong with the Congress?

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"I know it's been used in the past, but we used the atomic bomb back in 1945 but we decided we weren't going to do something like that again," he said.

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  1. You might read The New Republic for an explanation of why this actually makes sense to southern Republicans. They see it as a vehicle to achieve the low-tax, low-wage economy so favoured by well-to-do Southerners. They see this race to the bottom as the fastest route to a pot of gold. Yes it sacrifices the country and the American people but that's a cost of doing business, Southern style.

    Now pass me them pork belly and grits and it's my turn to use the teeth.

  2. Mound, this human greed is proving disastrous. I suppose Southerners are also pissed that a black man is in the 'Whitehouse'. Then Tea Party reinforces their needs and greed. It is very sad. In the long run whole country will pay the price. Whatever happens in the South moves to the North - Canada.