Friday, September 06, 2013

Syrian Rebels Execute Army Officers

Warning: This video contains graphic scenes and maybe offensive to some.

Now are these  the rebels Obama and America wants to protect from Assad of Syria? Also it is still not clear who used the chemical weapons - rebels or Syrian Government?

"Rebels stand behind the condemned men, pointing their firearms down at them and listening to their leader chant the verdict.

“For 50 years, they are companions to corruption,” the commander of the group says. “We swear to the Lord of the Throne, that this is our oath: We will take revenge.”"

Read more here.

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  1. Why even post this if censored material proves nothing?

  2. John, I am not sure I understand your question. This news is all over U.S media. It was on NBC evening news.

  3. The actual executions are blacked out in the video and therefore it raises the question whether or not this supposed atrocity (propaganda) actually took place or not, is what I was saying.

  4. John, NBC Nightly News specifically said that they were blacking out actual shooting because it was too gross and disturbing. So did many other news outlets. In an interview John Kerry, MSNBC-All In, admitted about these killings and then emphasized that Americans would not support such groups. So there is no doubt about this video and few others where soldiers are executed in a similar manner.

  5. LeDaro,
    I don't doubt that these killings took place (atrocities are being committed on both sides). I just had a problem with the caption: "Warning: This video contains graphic scenes and maybe offensive to some" when there weren't any? Kind of misleading.

    Furthermore, I'm of the opinion that we are being led down the garden path again by powers and a military-industrial complex dependent on ever-lasting war. In this regard, I've just posted a FB comment that I will share here with you: "What message was being sent by these hypocrites when they carpet bombed North Vietnam with Agent Orange for years? Or when Israel used poison gas on the Palestinians in Gaza? Don't be so fast to support these sick warmongers, to get fooled once again into supporting and condoning one of their on-going never ending imperialist wars for corporatocracy."

  6. John, the video is still disturbing the way soldiers are on the ground, their hands tied and gun sounds and English subtitles of the man talking. And then their bodies thrown in a hole in the ground. Some will find it disturbing.

    You're quite right about U.S and Vietnam. Also U.S. used such weapons in Iraq as well and Israel did in Gaza. Now they cannot play the guardians of the justice for the world.

  7. I think today most people are de-sensitized to human suffering and atrocities such as this. As it has been said "People today foolishly try to believe that all the world's senselessness and cruelty - the richness of the few, the great poverty of the many, the violence and warfare - happens outside their own lives and does not interfere with them and their way of life."

    "Now they cannot play the guardians of the justice for the world."

    Here's an article that I came across today that you and your readers might find very interesting.

    Funny things keep happening on the way to the war on Syria

  8. John, agree and thanks for the link. I also heard that it was a major lethal Gas-bomb which rebels received from Saudi Arabia. They got too excited and mishandled it and it blew up killing them and hundreds of others.

  9. Yes LeDaro, I heard that too and I tend to believe that one more than the war-beating one coming from our side.

    Been a slice. ;-) Take care!