Friday, September 06, 2013

Congressman Alan Grayson on Syria

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson is opposed to U.S. intervention in Syria. He also says that there is simply not enough votes in the Congress to pass the resolution on the intervention. Where does this leave Obama? Obama is all cung ho to proceed with the intervention.

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Congressman Alan Grayson, democrat from Florida, member of the house foreign relations committee. he opposes any intervention in Syria. So much so he owns the domain name "Don'".

"I don't think there are votes on the democratic side, either. The current whip count shows the democrats running 4-1 against this in the House of Representatives. Republicans running more than 10-1. The votes simply aren't there. It's understandable. People of America don't want this attack. It's not our responsibility." Alan Grayson.

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  1. As far as I know, no US president has ever lost a congressional vote to use force. If Obama were to lose this vote it will be interesting to see what happens to his political capital. It will lose most of its value I should think.

  2. Kirby, thank you for your comment. It looks Obama's political capital will go into negative if he loses vote on this issue.