Thursday, September 26, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz gone crazy

He is one of those tea-baggers. He spoke for 23 hours in the U.S senate to block Obamacare. Amongst developed world U.S has about the worst healthcare system. The Obamacare gives some hope although it failed to legislate public healthcare. But this Crazy Cruz wants no changes. Even his own Republican colleagues are opposed to his craziness. What a jackass!!

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  1. It's only the worst healthcare system if you judge it by health outcomes. This drives the Right into the disingenuous posture of divorcing the system from the outcomes. They're getting awfully good at decoupling facts from outcomes and all signs suggest they're digging in their heels ever deeper. It's Republican Krystalnacht.

  2. Mound, thanks for your wise words.It's Republican Krystalnacht.

    I must admit that I had to Google for the meaning of the word "Krystalnacht".