Thursday, August 15, 2013

North Korea: Interesting pictures

Every summer the North Koreans hold the Arirang games, or "mass games," where perhaps as many as 100,000 performers dance and do gymnastics to a patriotic theme. The real stars of the show may be these boys: the flashcard flippers, who with split-second precision form colorful mosaics. But this is what the boys behind the cards look like before the extravaganza begins: thousands of them — all dressed in white with their stacks of cards. The boys reportedly rehearse for months to get their moves down. If you look closely, you will find some taking a pre-"games" nap on their cards.

The Arirang games flashcard mosaics usually have patriotic themes. This year's theme highlights the exploits of North Korean soldiers in the 1950-1953 war. What you don't see on television or even across May Day stadium, unless you have a long camera lens or binoculars, are the heads of some of the boys popping up above their flashcards. I'm not sure if they were allowed to peek, but perhaps they wanted to see the big show on the field for themselves.

Children are trained early in life to admire their leader - or program their brains and hypnotize them. You can see more pictures on the NBC site here.

Vinnie Paz – End of Days Lyrics

It's like we all know what's going down
But no one's saying shit, what happened to the home of the brave?
These motherfuckers they're controlling us now
But no one's talking about it, made us modern day slaves

And everybody's just walking around
Head in the clouds, we won't awake until we're dead in the grave
By then it's too late, we need to be ready to raise up
Welcome to the end of days

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