Saturday, August 31, 2013

Is Canada going to participate in Syrian war?

The answer is yes. The participation will be covert. King Harper is not sit and just watch it. He doesn’t want silly discussions in the Canadian Parliament - there he is in favour of pro-rogue.

HMCS Toronto

"Military sources tell CTV News it would take at least a week to get Canadian assets into the area, when a precision strike could be just days away.

Canada is capable of taking over U.S. military tasks in some locations to free up American resources. Canada could also provide capabilities like transport and refuelling……

The Canadian warship HMCS Toronto is currently near the Gulf of Oman, deployed on a counter terrorism mission known as CTF-150. The Canadian government could make the decision to redeploy the ship to the Mediterranean. Once there, the frigate could take over duties from an American ship, freeing the U.S. vessel to move toward Syria.

The Air Force is capable of providing strategic-lift C-17s to transport troops, equipment and ammunition for any potential action against Syria. Military sources and civilian analysts suggest this may be the most likely contribution by Canada."

Read more CTV News.

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