Sunday, August 04, 2013

George Monbiot of Britain On Canada:

I don't know much about George Monbiot. He is an environmental activist. He has some interesting views about Canada.

Here is what he said about Canada on CBC The Sunday Edition's Laura Lynch:

“Canada is “one of the world’s most beautiful and sophisticated nations,” but that it is being "ransacked by barbarians.”

“At the moment, this highly cultured, sophisticated, wonderful nation seems to be descending into a thuggish petro-state which appears to be governed by the tar patch, and its politics seem to suffer from the oil curse, as so many countries suffer from when they have found big reserves of fossil fuels. And wildlife has suffered greatly as a result, natural resources of all kinds are suffering greatly, and so are those who love nature.

“It’s almost as if Canada is ripping up its most precious natural assets in exchange for assets which won’t last long and which can only cause harm, and that to me seems to be completely perverse.”
CBC News

Currently those barbarians will be, based on George Monbiot's statement, Stephen Harper, his cronies and fossil fuel companies.

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  1. .. Few have described Canada better .. and the petro zealots, sellouts & political buffoons currently abusing Canada, Canadians, our environments and ecosystems

  2. the salamander, you are quite right. It is sad.

  3. Monbiot has aptly described the sad decline our country has been experiencing under the neo-conservative agenda, LeDaro. I join in the saddness you feel, but I continue to hope against hope for better days ahead for all of us.

  4. Lorne, I hope you're right when you say, "..I continue to hope against hope for better days ahead for all of us."