Monday, August 12, 2013

Ecuador has amended its constitution to include the Rights of Nature

I was watching the "Nature of Things' by David Suzuki over the weekend. It was fascinating to find out that both Ecuador (in 2008) and Bolivia (in 2010) passed laws which included the rights of nature. Ecuador has made a constitutional amendment to include the Rights of Nature.  It sounds like a great idea. I believe other nations should do the same to protect nature and hence the environment. Read the amendment below.

Ecuador is the first nation to include the rights of nature in its constitution:

Rights of nature

Article 71. Nature, or Pacha Mama, where life is reproduced and occurs, has the right to integral respect for its existence and for the maintenance and regeneration of its life cycles, structure, functions and evolutionary processes.

All persons, communities, peoples and nations can call upon public authorities to enforce the rights of nature. To enforce and interpret these rights, the principles set forth in the Constitution shall be observed, as appropriate.

The State shall give incentives to natural persons and legal entities and to communities to protect nature and to promote respect for all the elements comprising an ecosystem.

Article 72. Nature has the right to be restored. This restoration shall be apart from the obligation of the State and natural persons or legal entities to compensate individuals and communities that depend on affected natural systems.

In those cases of severe or permanent environmental impact, including those caused by the exploitation of nonrenewable natural resources, the State shall establish the most effective mechanisms to achieve the restoration and shall adopt adequate measures to eliminate or mitigate harmful environmental consequences.”
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  1. We grant nature the right to be gang-raped.

  2. Mound, your characterization our treatment of nature is correct.