Monday, August 12, 2013

Audit reveals ineligible claims amounting to as much as $140,000, by Pamela Wallin

It is only taxpayers' money.;) Senators having their jollies.

"An independent audit of Senator Pamela Wallin's expenses has found ineligible claims amounting to as much as $140,000, and that the number of those claims is in the hundreds, CBC News had learned." CBC News.

  • "The audit flags at least $120,000 in questionable claims, with another $20,000 to be decided by the Senate committee. Wallin has already voluntarily repaid $38,000.
  • Almost all of Wallin's problems revolve around travel expense claims, most notably dinners and other expenses in Toronto and Guelph, where she was chancellor of Guelph University and where she was doing university business rather than Senate business.
  • Wallin made or attempted to make retroactive redactions or changes to her expense report, raising possible accusations of a coverup.
  • Of Wallin's four former executive assistants, three have told Deloitte that they know of expenses that were altered by Wallin."
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    1. I just watched her self-serving justifications on CBC, LeDaro. If she is to be believed, Deloitte is profoundly incompetent. ;)

    2. Lorne, I watched that too. It is a good old "I am not a crook" Nixonian syndrome. Now she has additional problems of tempering with her claim records and
      deleting some of the contents. It does not look good for her.