Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mike Duffy and Rob Ford: The match made in heaven.

They're two soul-mates. Only difference is that Rob Ford can be fired. Mike Duffy is settled for life. He won a lottery and he did not even have to buy a lottery ticket, Stephen Harper handed him the prize.

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  1. unreal, eh? What Canadians have been letting them get away with. I really hope this one doesn't die off until fully investigated and the right people held accountable.

    Duffy can't be fired easily, but there's still a chance that his seat can be revoked as he doesn't qualify, not being a resident of PEI. I doubt harper will fight hard to keep him since he's now such an embarrassment and an independent Senator as well. Toss him out, make a big show of being accountable, then replace him with someone else he can use.

  2. 900ft J., I agree that both these individuals are sleaze-ball and need to be tossed out.

    In the history of Senate no senator was ever fired. I understand that while ago a senator was convicted of felony and he resigned before the Senate could start the process of firing.

    In case of Duffy he is not convicted of any felony yet or crime hence he cannot be fired. I believe Senate majority is needed to fire a senator and majority being Cons, whose hands are probably in the till too, it is highly unlikely to get him fired at this time.
    P.M and House of Commons have no say in the Senate firing. Opposition can make noise but that is about all.