Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

Another horrible act of violence. I knew a few people who were participating in the marathon and thank God they're okay.When will this violence stop?


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  1. From accounts I've read I suspect this was domestic terrorism.

    An Indian paper had an interview with an Indo-American special forces veteran who ran the race. He described the carnage as multiple amputations - severed legs everywhere - and how he got tourniquets on six or seven of the casualties.

    Another report mentioned ball-bearings everywhere at the scene.

    Amputations and ball-bearings would be the hallmarks of one weapon - the U.S. military's Claymore mine. Small, compact, easy to bring into a site like that, easy to deploy, easy to conceal and with a remote command detonation option.

    Place the mines in the immediate vicinity of masses of runners and a close-range detonation would tear legs off.

  2. Mound, thank you for your comment. I also believe that it is a domestic terrorism.

    There has been a flurry of killings of law enforcement officials and now this.

    U.S. has been a violent society for quite a while but recently it has become more violent. Quite scary - what happens in the South moves up slowly into the North – Canada.