Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can Humans Live Forever?

According to the following commentary humans can live forever.

Huffpost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria discusses humankind's obsession with immortality, and what this really means from a biological perspective.

I have my doubts. Then would it not be boring to live forever?

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  1. Obviously humans cannot live forever, at least not until those immortals gain the means to kill off at least a couple of billion of us and agree to sterilize themselves.

    Scientists claim the first human to reach 150 already walks among us. Think about it. That would double existing lifespan which would likewise double that individual's lifetime resource consumption and ecological footprint. That individual would become double the burden on the planet of a normal human being.

    There is some prospect, however, of being able to synthesize an individual's intellect, memory, emotions and personality; reduce them all to binary code; and implant that individual's persona into a non-human form that could live on virtually forever with a minimal ecological footprint.

    It takes a huge mental leap to come to grips with that and a willingness to believe that there's a soul attached to our mortal flesh and bones but it would be childish to rule it out especially if it is presented as an "end of life" option. It would be something akin to a technological reincarnation.

  2. Mound, thank you for a thought provoking comment.

    When human population reaches 9 billion, the earth resources may not be able to sustain them. Unless we do find another liveable planet. And then add global warming which will make certain parts of the earth unlivable unless global warming is controlled by reducing and minimizing human contribution to it.

    As far as soul is concerned science cannot prove that it does not exist. It is possible that soul lives forever. I am hoping it goes to a faraway universe and a planet called ‘heaven’. That will be nice.