Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ret. Maj.Gen. Lewis MacKenzie: Avro Arrow considered as F-35 alternative, more effective and much cheaper

Why Harper and company are determined to buy F-35?

  "It's an attack aircraft. It's designed for attacking ground targets and its stealth is most effective against short range radar, protecting ground targets," MacKenzie said.

"What we need in Canada is something that can go to the edge of our airspace, from a sovereignty point of view, and be able to catch up with intruders." According to Mackenzie. Power and Politics, CBC.

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  1. MacKenzie wants to defend against a Cold War threat. Even if Russia was to attack Canada over the pole today it would be a barrage of high-speed, ground-hugging, long-range cruise missiles we'd have to stop, not bombers. Unless we fielded an enormous flotilla of fighters, far beyond anything we could remotely afford, there's no way we'd be able to effectively hunt down a cruise missile attack. With a realistic force of one to two hundred warplanes and the vast expanse of territory we'd have to cover, we would simply be overwhelmed.

  2. Mound, you're quite right.

    His statement ""What we need in Canada is something that can go to the edge of our airspace,……." was quite odd. He is also buddy buddy with Julian Fantino? I did wonder as to what he was up to.

    But he did say that Avro Arrow was cheaper and better than f35. However, rest of his interview is a bit weird.