Sunday, September 09, 2012

President Vladimir Putin and Stephen Harper meet during APEC

Harper wanted to get big headlines and photo-op for meeting with Vladimir Putin. He wanted to have bragging rights that he raised the issue of Syria and Iran with Putin. But it looks Putin basically told him to take a hike.

According to a University of Toronto Professor, Seva Gunitsky, and a CBC reporter, Laurie Graham, this meeting might have actually hurt Canadian-Russian relations and Canadian trade with Russia, currently at $3 billion, might have been jeopardized.

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  1. The National Post really slapped lipstick on this pig. Their headline boasted how Harper had "sparred" with Putin. Now let that image sink in. Lard arse versus KGB martial artist. Can anyone imagine Harper making it through the first round?

  2. LOL!

    "Lard arse versus KGB martial artist."

    A lot of pork chops for Putin and his KGB buddies.