Monday, July 09, 2012

Vic Toews to be appointed judge?

Winnipeg Free Press story.

Long live the patronage!

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  1. With Toews' shallow and imperfect grasp of law, saddling the Manitoba Court of Appeal with his ilk would be an insult to Manitoba and the court. It was telling that readers' response was 80%"sad."

    Appellate judges have ways of driving out politically-appointed incompetents. We had one example in B.C. In several instances the two "real" judges would hear the evidence and argument and, if they concurred, would simply announce their judgment without reference to the dud save, perhaps, asking him if he had anything to add. They simply treated him as though he didn't exist until he finally quit.

  2. Mound, thank you for your comment.

    As usual right on. I suppose you have first hand knowledge being a lawyer.

    I know a few failed politicians who are judges now. I do wonder what kind of decisions they make.