Thursday, May 03, 2012

Rob Ford had another fit of paranoia

He calls police again on the media. This time it was a Toronto Star reporter. What is with this guy? Why is he so afraid of the media? Maybe he should live in a bunker.

Read CBC story.

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1 comment:

  1. If Rob Ford would just be honest and forthright he'd be a lot better off. His continued idiocy with the media will be his undoing. Remember his flap with with This Hour Has 22 Minutes? And choosing Don "pinko" Cherry to speak at his inaugural city council meeting? Now he's taking on the Toronto Star? It's almost as if he has a persecution complex.

    I was shocked when Ford won two years ago. I thought Toronto voters would see right through his Joe Lunchbucket abused taxpayer routine but apparently not.

    Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson can be an ass sometimes too, but at least he doesn't try to lie his way out of his mistakes. Rob Ford could learn from him.