Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Facebook has serious problems

Facebook dilemma.

An Exile from the Kingdom of
Me -Thomas Beller

Whenever I try to sign into my Facebook account it asks me for my phone number and then a government-issued I.D. What is this – airport security? I have given up on the Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg grow up.

There are many unsettling stories about Facebook, that the personal information of Facebook users is used for other commercial purposes to make more money. Mark Zuckerberg go easy on your greed. Then there were Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twin brothers who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea for a social networking site and were awarded $65 million.

I think I had it with Facebook.

Here is another story of similar nature as mine.

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  1. Seems that at least once a week, sometimes more, I come across an article that reminds me why it was my good idea to not join Facebook.

  2. You need to go into your security settings in your FB account to fix this. It can be done. Most people don't have this issue. At some point you must have clicked on something to allow this to happen.

  3. Thank you for reinforcing my resolve to never give in and get on the Facebook.

  4. Good idea not to open an account.

    Thor, it just does not allow me to sign in. How can I change the security without signing in?

  5. I've looked everywhere on the site. How does one delete their account with Facebook. I've only used it for several weeks but really dislike the site.

  6. Anyong, if you can sign in then you should be able to delete.