Sunday, May 06, 2012

Conrad Black has many friends in Canada

A journalist by the name of Peter Worthington opines that “Black is as Canadian as maple syrup”. Worthington says Black’s renunciation of Canadian citizenship was because of Jean Chretien. Mr. Worthington, Canada is composed of Canadians and Jean Chretien is not Canada as Harper is not Canada. Moreover, Black is a convicted felon.

Now that he is here maybe Harper should appoint Black a Senator because Black does support conservative causes. It is sickening that Cons will take this kind of position.

Mr. Gary Freeman is Canadian too. Why is he denied entry into Canada? Because he is a black man.

Read Peter Worthington’s hyperbole.

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  1. Calling Worthington a "journalist" is an insult to journalists everywhere save, perhaps, North Korea.

  2. Agree! He is sucking up to Black for some reason.