Sunday, May 06, 2012

Anti-coal Mark Jaccard, a Nobel Peace Prize winner arrested

Harper government is letting us down on many fronts and his policies on the environment are one of the major let downs. Harper is in the pocket of oil, gas and coal companies. People are left with no choice but to protest.

Professor Mark Jaccard was arrested along with other protestors.

A handful of protesters were arrested late Saturday evening.
(Ben Hadaway/CBC)

"Putting myself in a situation where I may be accused of civil disobedience is not something I have ever done before," Mark Jaccard said.

"But the current willingness of especially our federal government to brazenly take actions that ensure we cannot meet scientifically and economically sound greenhouse gas reduction targets for Canada and the planet leaves me with no alternative."

"When I think about that, I conclude that every sensible and sincere person, who cares about this planet and can see through lies and delusion motivated by money, should be doing what I and others are now prepared to do."

A CBC story.

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