Friday, April 06, 2012

Stephen Harper: Is he a psychopath?

You be the judge. He is a corporationist. He will do anything to sell Tar Sands Oil no matter what. If people don’t have safe water for drinking or bathing or no fresh air to breathe then it is their problem. If they die as a result of pollution it is none of Stephen Harper’s concern – profit matters the most.

He himself always lives far away from the Tar Sands.

Read more about psychopaths here.

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  1. definitely a psychopath.

  2. 900ft,

    More votes needed. Ask your co-workers.:)

  3. LeDaro - Harper definitely shows all the traits of a psychopath. I disagree with your link, however. Nice people do not transform into psychopaths. Some people may appear nice but in actuality are quite narcissistic or even psychopathic (the latter is much more extreme).

    A good book on the subject is "Without Conscience" by Robert D Hare (the Canadian psychologist who developed the Psychopathy Checklist). I highly recommend it.