Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stephen Harper: Is Canada on the Right Path?

Is this the Canada we know? Remember when Canada was known as a peace-keeper, as a country that played a productive role on the world stage? Remember when we had governments that were not wedded to neo-conservative ideology? That valued our social safety net.

Stephen Harper was already slowly changing Canada in a harsher, less caring, more militaristic direction. Now, with a majority government, this Reform Party Prime Minister has free reign to re-make Canada in a neo-conservative image.

Harper and his buddy David Cameron favour slashing social programs during a severe recession, using voodoo economics to justify policies that worsen the lives of Canadians when they need the government's help. On the world stage, Canada is a pariah on climate change. It is also a pariah on foreign affairs in general with Canada following a Bushian policy of shoot first, ask questions later.

Canada's reputation was so thrashed that it was denied a seat on the UN Security Council.

Then there is a the martial law with the G-20 in Toronto. Also the restricting of immigration so that Harper can have a Canadian population more in an image he prefers. The list goes on and on.

What happened to our country? With less than 40% popular support, Harper is fundamentally remaking Canada, and taking it in a scary direction.

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  1. He is making people not care as much about the unfortunate are right on what you write, and I hate what he is doing

  2. Whose fault is it we find ourselves in this situation in this country. It's time we stopped blaming Harper....he took advantage of a situation that should not ever have existed. It is foolish to blame Harperites for Canadians apathy regarding voting. Look at Europe...they talk about politics all the time especially in their free time and no one gets angry that a person's opinion is different to anothers. But here, gawd don't mention politics and don't try to talk about it unless one is in a room where all people have the same strip. Canada is in this mess because Canadians have allowed it.

  3. A Eliz, thank you for your comment. It is an unfortunate situation.

    Anyong, you make interesting points but it is not totally the fault of the Canadians. Our election system is all messed up. When Harper can get sizable majority with less than 40% votes then apparently there is a problem. We need reform and proportional representational maybe one option.

  4. Canada is destroying it's international reputation. A couple good reads supporting this are "While Canada Slept" and "The Truth About Canada". Unfortunately, Harper cares little for our international reputation and is content with making us ever-more dependent on the crumbling American economy. It's unfortunate that he has the power he does. I can only hope that Canadians wake up by 2015 and don't make the same mistake in the next election. It might just take a terrible leader like Harper to get Canadians interested in politics again.