Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Canadian Elections 2011

I think on May 2nd I had a nightmare, in that nightmare I saw that the Liberal Party was practically annihilated, BQ was gone, the NDP became the official opposition, and Harper won a sizeable majority.

Oh no, this nightmare is going to last at least four years.



At least this was one of the few good outcomes of election night. I always felt that the Bloc was irrelevant and it is about time that Quebecers joined the federal parties.


I'm sure he and the NDP must be very happy. I hope that they will do a good job of being an effective opposition; although it is going to be hard given the autocratic tendencies of the big cahoona. Layton did considerable damage to Michael Ignatieff when during the debates he told him that he was absent 70% of the time from the House of Commons, and his relentless attacks continued during the election. Because of that considerable damage was done to the Liberal Party, especially in Ontario, where vote splitting in many ridings helped Conservatives to win their majority with sometimes one-third of the vote in these ridings. It looks that Layton unintentionally did help the big cahoona for his majority.


Here is your Prime Minister with a new majority mandate. Given his ultra-conservative background, it is worrisome how much damage he will do to social programs, especially healthcare, and he's indeed a big fan of America. I hope we don't become the 51st state. One can only pray and wish Canada well, it looks like a very rough ride for the next four years.

Since election night, I did not feel like blogging and I still feel the same way, that's why it took me so long to write something about the election outcome. Hopefully time will heal this hurt, we as Canadians will do alright. We should keep in mind that in 1993 PCs were completely annihilated with only 2 seats; who would have thought that a regional party like Reform would collude with the Tories and today have a majority in the House of Commons? We should not be so despondent, hopefully Liberals will get themselves a good leader and start the reconstruction and rebuilding work right away.

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