Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Julian Assange: Not a perpetrator but a victim

I promised to say more about Julian Assange, so here it is. We complain about dictatorships in China, Russia, as well as the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, but is not the locking away of Assange authoritarian behaviour? This shows that we have dictatorship in the guise of democracy; the worst kind of dictatorship as it is shrouded in hypocrisy.

The United States and other governments claim that it is a security issue, but do memos stating that Sarkozy is arrogant or Berlusconi incompetent a threat to troops or national security? This is pure nonsense. It is governments being secretive and controlling the flow of information.

When Assange's Wikileaks site exposed documents related to corruption in Kenya, he was applauded for it and received an award from Amnesty International. Though if it is a superpower that is exposed, like the United States, then Assange is a criminal who is silenced and locked away. It is not justice and rule of law that reigns, but rather brute force.

The sex crimes allegations against Assange are a ruse. The link here is from a well-known feminist who says that if the criteria used by Interpol against Assange are applied generally, then more than one million men in the United States should be seized by Interpol. Basically any man who has shown some insensitivity towards a woman (for example has cheated on a girlfriend or something else along those lines) is a perpetrator of sex crimes and should be imprisoned.

Julian Assange it seems has a lot of girlfriends, but that’s about it. The sex crimes allegations are an attempt to tarnish Assange’s reputation and silence him. Is this democracy?

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