Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heathrow Airport – London and Mother Nature

We humans brag about the technological advances we have made including in the field of aviation. Bigger and better airplanes and state of the art airports. However, in the process of this advancement including the other industrial complexes we have messed up the earth’s environment. Earth has limited resources and we are over exploiting them. The result is climate change and that is why we have such erratic weather patterns.

California got a lot of snow before it turned into rain storms and floods. Atlantic Canada, in the middle of the winter, got major rain storms which resulted in erosion of roads, flooded homes, and destruction of bridges and partial washing away of coastal communities. All this is quite unusual.

Then there is Britain and the rest of Europe which is getting record snow; aviation has come to almost a standstill. Especially Heathrow Airport in London has become dysfunctional. Are we getting the picture that there is climate change?

Climate Change deniers sound like bigots who were against the abolition of slavery. These bigots said, at the time, that scientists were wrong that blacks can live at par with whites because according to these bigots blacks’ brains were underdeveloped, immature and cannot survive on their own. Now when it comes to climate change it is Déjà vu all over again – scientists are wrong again.

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