Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swastika: Racism raises its ugly head again

This happened in Farmington, New Mexico. It is a dangerous mental illness and those afflicted must be kept in isolation and treated prior to re-entry in society.

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  1. i used to teach at U. of South Florida and I'd see the occasional moron walking around with swastikas patterned into their buzz cuts. We had two race riots when I was down there, serious ones, but those idiots really must think they are superior to walk around on a campus where close to half the students are various shades other than white.

  2. Florida and South are pretty bad. I was in Florida on vacation in a coastal town and in hotels and restaurants there you would hardly see any black although there is a sizable population of blacks there. I asked someone and he said, "we keep them in the right place" meaning segregated.

    I find that racists have serious inferiority complex and to overcome that they commit these kinds of crimes (swastika, beating) to feel superior.