Thursday, November 11, 2010

John Shimkus: God will save us against any climate change

John Shimkus is a US congressman. This man is seeking the chairmanship of a powerful congressional committee on energy policy. So much for the climate change. We should all speak to his God and seek some reassurance.
Where the hell do they get these morons to elect for the Congress of US?

Update: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie chimes in. He says he is doubtful that humans cause global warming. It must be all God's fault. Read the story here.

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  1. My objection is to Mr. Shimkus's use of Matthew 24. The 'elect' as he quoted does not mean everyone. The 'elect' are those chosen by God's sovereign will to ascend to Heaven. Calvinist theology states that the 'elect' are those changed by God through his divine will and chosen to be with Him when the End Times come.

    As for how this relates to global warming, a lot of people who believe in God adhere to something similar to this, that in the end God will decide when the Earth's time has come. It doesn't mean that Christians are big polluters, far from it. It's just that we don't see global warming as apocalyptic as everyone else does.

    Your intolerance is sad and undeserving.

  2. Well Top Can, you're certainly welcome to your fantasies but don't slag others as intolerant for not buying into your delusions.

    LD, this remind me of that nutjob governor of Georgia who begged his public to pray for rain to relieve the drought and then said Jeebus was punishing the state of some sort of wickedness.

    Trust a Rapture fuckhead to claim that Christians aren't' big polluters. Christendom is the planet's biggest polluter hands down and always has been. There have been a few Evangos coming around recently but they're conspiculously late arrivals.

  3. Top Can,
    MoS gave you a good blunt response. However, I will play along with Christianity thing. Remember "God helps those who help themselves”. That is a part of Christianity too. Right. If humans are determined to screw themselves then God is not going to intervene. Sorry but rest of your stuff is baloney. I agree with MoS that Christians are the biggest polluters and US tops that list.

  4. nice one, LeDaro.

    Can't defend Christian on this one by saying well, it's just what they believe. That's no defence, and to criticize their views on global warmning isn't intolerant, it's necessary. IAf they're wrong, their wrong. The origins of their beliefs don't matter in this argument, nor do they excuse them.

    I was raised Catholic and we were taught that some god put everything here ofr us to use. So Christians absolve themselves using that it's all god's will argument. As for god helps those who help themselves, hardly useful in helping fight climate change when so many have already decided they aren't responsible, or there's nothing they can do, or it's all god's will.

    One of the supidest comments I've read is that the planet will burn when god wants it to burn. Nice. Just let Big Daddy handle the mess, and we can all keep being little spoiled brats who never took responsibility for a thing and probably never will.

    A phrase like "god helps those who help themselves" is useless when the same religion constantly shrugs their shoulders at unwelcome events by saying it's god's will, or it's part of his plan, or who are we humans to think we can have any impact on the planet?

    Ignorance and denial are what hold us back from coping with, and minimizing the damage we are causing to our planet. Greedy jerks who care only about their own lifetime know this and use it.

    Any of us who have access to information are responsible for learning as much as we can about the dynamics of climate change - not just the scientific ones, but the socio/political/economic/religious ones as well. Then we have a responsibility to do what we can about it whether it's informing others, voting, protesting...

    That some Christians don't see global warming as apocalyptic is due to their inability or unwillingness to understand fundamental principles of science which clash with their religious faith-based beliefs. When confronted with opposing views between science and their religious beliefs, they choose faith based religious answers first. Doesn't need to be explained, because it's god-based. End of argument.

    Can't reason with people who won't allow any reason that clashes with their faith-based, unquestioning beliefs.

    That's intolerance of a sort, in and of itself.

    The planet is s a closed system. Closed systems, if not carefully maintained in balance can collapse. Global warming, left unchecked, is apocalyptic.

  5. sorry for all the typos, LeDaro. Hit send before proofing. That's not a sin, is it? :)

  6. 900ft Jesus, God punishes those who don’t spell well. :) Don’t worry I am very much a guilty party in that respect. As far as religious fanatics are concerned they would always find excuses for their behaviour and have multiple personality syndrome. For example one set of rules for others but different rules for themselves or two personas one in public the other in private.

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