Monday, August 23, 2010

Renovation of Synagogue in Beirut, Lebanon

While the controversy over an Islamic center in N.Y. rages on this story about the renovation of a Synagogue in Beirut is a breath of fresh air. Fareed Zakaria had a piece on his show last Sunday. In N.Y there may be a few 9/11 victims’ families who are concerned but it is the bigots and racists who are flaring the fire of hatred and anger and some Repugs and Tea-Baggers are making political hay out of it. We must not forget that dozens of Muslims, who were working in the building at the time, were victims of the 9/11 tragedy as well. When will societies rid of themselves of this disease of bigots? This bigotry is a major source of trouble in many societies around the world.
I believe freedom of religion is a fundamental right and few fanatics must not be allowed to hijack this freedom and create additional problems in the world. As if Bush and Cheney have not done enough. The example of the renovation of the synagogue in Beirut must be a guide for the rest of the world.

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