Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Michael Ignatieff Stumbles again

Which planet does this guy live on? Now he wants Canadian troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the deadline of 2011. Even Conservatives are saying that they will abide by the resolution of Parliament and end the mission in 2011. What is with this guy?

Have we not done our part? Sadly nothing has been achieved and we lost many soldiers. More recently it has become obvious that the Afghan mission included the one trillion dollar minerals which the former USSR first found in Afghanistan. This Ignatieff guy is a colonialist through and through. He is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Politics is not his cup of tea. Someone cart him away while his hands are still on his eyes and he cannot see. I doubt he can see even if his hands are not on his eyes. Or post him in Afghanistan and he may learn something. He is volunteering other people's lives. Why not put him in Afghanistan to fight.

You can watch the video, and read the story here.

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong here Ledaro, but didn't he just say that he wanted them to stay in a non-combat role? If memory serves me (and it almost never does!) that's always been his position.

    It's actually one of the few times you could ever accuse him of being consistent.

  2. Fish, if my memory serves me right we were going to withdraw come 2011,period. Conservatives were not talking about any extension and I think Cannon and MacKay indicated that too then Iggy opened his big mouth. Now Conservatives are encouraged for extension - combat or non-combat.

    For a good politician you let the opposite party hang themselves first. Iggy seems to know zilch about politics

  3. I should add that given the torture fiasco Canadian public was not anxious for any extension. What was the purpose of opening his big mouth for such a controversial issue? It screws the Liberal Party further.