Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jesus burned by the Act of God

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Watch the video above from MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. Armageddon? God is angry? Actually God does not care how many statues of Jesus we build or how many churches, mosques, synagogues and temples we build. What matters is what we do, our deeds, how we treat each other.

Bush said that God told him to invade Iraq and a million innocent people were butchered, many others displaced and millions others live in squalor. If there is a God then this is a crime against God. If Bush/Cheney were going to commit crimes for oil in Iraq and minerals in Afghanistan (Americans knew about these minerals before the invasion as the former USSR first discovered them) then at least they must not use the name of God. It was not Almighty God who was talking to them, it was was almighty oil, almighty minerals, and almighty money talking to them. The sooner we learn from the follies of our ways, the better the world we can build for ourselves and for generations to come.

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