Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP=Big Polluter

Watch the above video and decide for yourself. It breaks my heart about what big oil companies like BP and other national and international companies are doing to our beloved planet and its inhabitants. They have one and only one sole motive and that is to make profit at any cost. It is about time that they're made accountable.

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  1. LD, we've been in a losing battle with corporatism since the 70s. It took most of us a decade or two just to realize what was underway - the rise of coporate power and the installation of oligarchy.

    Globalization and supposed "free trade" have been the powerful engines of corporatism. Countries yielded sovereignty by surrendering their tariff powers, control over the transfer of capital and the regulation of access to their markets.

    It was a one-way flow of power from the representatives of the public to the representatives of shareholders. Power transferred from voters to the "rentier" class whose interests were utterly divergent.

    We endowed corporations with legal rights normally associated with citizenship but then demanded nothing from them as corporate citizens. That's the difference - they have rights while you have a more heavily weighted balance of rights and responsibilities.

    With the onset of so many existential threats to our very civilization, we are going to have to wrestle corporatism to the ground if we're to have any chance of finding solutions. There is no other way.

  2. MoS, you are absolutely right in your assessment. When will corporatism end and we will get back to the business of “of the people, by the people, for the people,”. I know I am dreaming but that is what democracy was supposed to be.

    BP is getting away with murder. 11 people so far. Time will tell how many more will die because of this pollution and how other living beings will die. Look how many murders have been committed for Cheney’s Halliburton and God knows how many more crimes will be committed. It is heart breaking to look at these pictures. What an extraordinary damage to the environment which will last for years to come. There seems to be no end to the oil leak at the BP site and there seems to be no end to profiteering and greed.