Thursday, April 15, 2010

South Africa: Racism well and alive

You would think now that there is majority rule in South Africa and there is an African president that the problem of racism is overcome. No. It is very much still there. This incidence, in the above video, happened in a TV studio when a white old man is being interviewed. He loses his temper with a black female host. It is scary. Teabaggers are not far behind in the US. It is getting there.

The South African video was also aired on MSNBC.

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  1. LeDaro, why do you think a black TV station would put a stupid racist on air? To create the impression that white SAns are racist ... perhaps? You make it sound like everything is fine in SA now that they have a black government ... 70% of blacks are poorer than before ... the profiting 30% are connected in some way to the corrupt, lazy, oversized government. To deflect growing unhappiness about joblessness and poverty, the ruling party (ANC) has created a racist who is calling for the murder of all whites - his name is Julius Malema and he is the President of the ANC Youth League! African governments have learned from Zimbabwe that you can be as corrupt as you want to be ... all you have to do is to demonize the white people in your country. Plz read about what happened in Zimbabwe and is happening now in SA on IOL (Independent Online) news service.

  2. TheSimpleTruth, first let me remind you that I may not be able to post comments on a one month old post anymore. Yours was important enough that I decided to post.

    Yes racism is ugly no matter who carries out - white or black. If what you are saying is true then the chair of ANC is equally disgusting racist.

    However, let us not forget the apartheid history of South Africa and what they did to Nelson Mandela. I do consider him a great man. Any other person would have gone for mass-murder and revenge killing after he came into power but not him. He went for reconciliation and saved the country from a looming disaster and tragedy.

    I had a circle of friends in University and one of them was from South Africa and his views on blacks sometimes were disturbing. That is only personal experience I have of a racist from South Africa. The man on T.V show behaved in a pretty despicable way.