Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Grassy Narrows: Mercury Poisoning

Last night, April 5, 2010, there was a story on CBC The National about mercury poisoning in the 1970s and its impact to this day on the lives of natives living on Grassy Narrows reserve in Ontario. I could not get the video for that particular segment but here is a story in the Toronto Star. It is heart wrenching.

We brag about what we do in Africa and other poor countries to help people there and reprimand other nations for violating the rights of their citizens. Helping people is good and necessary but this violation of human rights is in our own backyard. A Japanese doctor is helping these folks here. This is a prime example of business and industry gone wild in order to make money – especially there is the underlying theme that natives' lives don't matter. One commentator in the CBC story said that this comes closest to genocide in recent years in Canada. People who preach deregulation and unbridled capitalism may learn something from this tragedy. It is totally heart wrenching.

The following video and music is relevant. It is entitled "The Rape of the World". Some businesses and industries are indeed raping the world. And if profiteering at the cost of the environment continues and global warming continues at the current rates, they will succeed to murder the world too.

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