Monday, April 05, 2010

Biotech Business gone wild

This video from 60 Minutes shows why healthcare in private hands and for profit is utterly dangerous. Myriad, a private corporation, obtained patents on the genes of some women patients who had breast cancer. These women now cannot go to another company or doctor to get a second opinion, as Myriad owns the patent rights on their cancer genes. No one else can handle those genes now. In other words they own these women's bodies - a new kind of slavery in the making. This case is before the courts and it is hoped that Myriad and other such companies lose.

After watching the video above you will get the picture.

The minute the profit motive enters the healthcare system, forget about healthcare itself, it is no longer about the patient, it is all about profit. Healthcare must not be in private hands. The rich benefit from such healthcare and the rest of the public just subsides as the general public is denied treatment on all kinds of grounds.

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