Sunday, April 04, 2010

Alberta Rat Free?

These are the headlines in the media today:

"Dead rat in Calgary scars Alberta's 'rat-free' reputation"

"Rat found dead in alley in rat-free Alberta"

Really? Alberta is rat-free, except for one rat? Here are few more examples:

Prentice, Jim -Calgary Centre-North
Harper, Stephen- Calgary Southwest
Kenney, Jason -Calgary Southeast
Coulter, Ann –unknown address

Click here to read more.

Update: Then there are a lot of rats who profit off the Tar Sands. I forgot to mention that.

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  1. Do you think LeDaro you might be streching things. Harper born Toronto 1959. Moved to Alberta in his adult life. Jim Prentice born 1956 South Porcupine, Ontario. Moved to Alberta as an adult. Jason Kenney born in Oakvilled, Ontario 1968. Raised in Saskatchewan. Ann Coulter born in New York City 196l and we all know what she is about. Now Lardo, you seem to be clutching at straws. The biggest rats found in Canada are located in Ontario and dah Atlantic Provinces. Try to find something substancial to blog about otherwise get some sleep.

  2. Anyong, you did not get it. They say there are no rats in Alberta and currently there are a few indifferent to where they were born and brought up.

    Also it is a satire.

    I know where Ann Coulter is from. It is a joke but I suppose I lost it on you.

  3. My comment is lost on you, you mean. Rats come for everywhere.

  4. But only Alberta claims that it is rat free since 1950.

    Click on the link at the bottom of the post and read the story.

  5. I don't happen to care what Alberta claims. Ontario produces enough rats to supply the whole country.