Monday, March 08, 2010

Democracy in Iraq?

A big deal is being made in the US media and administration about the elections in Iraq. It is one of the worst hoaxes in human history including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Bush and Cheney carried out a blood bath and genocide in Iraq in the name of democracy.

Is it a democracy?
-Ask the relatives of the millions who were killed during Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld's blood bath in Iraq for oil – oil which is now being shared by the US and its European partners.

Ask the millions who are refugees in neighbouring countries to escape the blood bath.

Ask those millions who are living in squalor with no running water, proper food or shelter, struggling to survive in Iraq.

A country was destroyed and its infrastructure was destroyed with the pretence of "democracy". Many were killed during the so-called recent elections because perpetual animosities have been created through this war of atrocity. It is a society in ruins and that is your modern democracy spread by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their co-conspirators. The current US administration has not fully acknowledged the atrocities of its predecessors and has done nothing to prosecute the perpetrators.

The story is not much different in Afghanistan. Unfortunately Canada has become party to that atrocity as news about torture is being uncovered and Harper and company are trying everything to push it under the rug. There is no democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a just one big sad and horrible hoax.

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  1. Anonymous12:34 am

    A hoax? No democracy?

    The 350 international observers from
    the EU, UN agencies, the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference might disagree with you.

    Not to mention all the observers from Iraq's competing political parties.

  2. Democracy for whom? It does no good for 1 million dead or close to 5000 US soldiers dead. It does no good to millions who are taking refuge in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and other neighbourhood countries. It does no good to millions living in squalor. The invasion has destroyed that nation and its infrastructure. Now this hoax of democracy does not put everything right. That is the point you have to understand.

  3. Anonymous6:47 pm

    You said there was no democracy in Iraq. This is a demonstrably false statement.

    You don't like the war, but the nature of the war does not mean there is no democracy today.

    You are demonstrably wrong.

  4. Oh! Really! So in your democracy life and liberty is secondary. People continue to be slaughtered.

    Moreover, Al Malaki banned many candidates from running in the elections because they were Sunnis and he is Shiits. May be he received orders from Washington D.C. for some of those candidates.

    Sure! Democracy in action!

  5. Anonymous10:44 am

    Oh give the melodrama a rest. No one is saying that life and liberty aren't essential.

    The fact that some things are bad does not imply that everything is bad.

    You said there was no democracy. This is a demonstrably false statement. Deal with it.

  6. Yes there are two great democracies in the world right now. One is in Iraq and the other one is in Afghanistan.

    As Putin of Russia said that if Iraq is a democracy then no one in the world wants democracy. I tend to agree with him. You’re either very na├»ve or you don’t let facts get in your way.

  7. Anonymous11:04 am

    Again with the melodrama.

    Look LeDaro, EVERYONE gets that Iraq has a pretty rough deal right now which is a bit of an understatement. EVERYONE gets that the war was nasty and that a LOT of people died. These are not points of dispute. EVERYONE (with any sense) knows that you're not going to take a country from the oppressive government of Hussein, through a nasty war and into civil society and democratic government on par with Switzerland in a short period of time.

    None of the above are points of dispute.

    This does not change the fact that despite all the ugliness, there IS democracy in Iraq which is an encouraging sign.

    You. Were. Wrong.

    You don't have to go have tea and crumpets with Dick Cheney if you recognize that there is democracy in Iraq.

  8. Saddam Hussien who was friend of US and was given billions in weapons and money to start a war with Iran in 1980’s. He was actually a CIA man before he became president. All the killings he was accused of happened during that time with the full knowledge of US.

    You really believe that Bush and Cheney went into Iraq to bring democracy. Was there not WMD issue? How soon we forget.

    If there is a democracy then why, when objective reporters interview Iraqis, they say they were better off under Saddam. Why millions are refugees in neighbouring countries? Why millions are living in squalor when that was not the case during Saddam regime. Man you live in a make-believe world. Have fun while you're there.

  9. Anonymous11:45 am

    No one's disputing that Hussein was an ally of the United States in the past. No one's forgetting about the WMD's that turned out not to exist. No one is disputing that some people were better off under Hussein.

    But this does not mean that EVERYONE was better off.

    I get that you're not happy with the US and the war, but the fact remains that there is democracy in Iraq at this time.

    The reason I'm taking issue with what you're saying is that the blatantly false statement you make discredits the anti-war stance. Honestly, you're acting just like an Iraq war supporter who insists that the WMD's were real but when confronted with the facts changes the subject to talk about what an evil man Hussein was. Of course Hussein was an evil man, but that doesn't change the fact that the WMD's didn't exist.

    Stop discrediting your position

  10. You can comment as much as you want but you're not convincing. Bush and Cheney lied to Congress and US public about WMD and went after Iraqi oil. One trillion dollars later it is a destroyed nation and US economy is in the tank. Many think in US Congress that Bush and Cheney are war criminals and committed crimes against humanity. I agree with them.

    As I said before if Iraq is a democracy then no one wants that democracy. I agree with Putin there. God help rest of the world that no one else gets that kind of democracy especially through that kind of process.