Friday, February 19, 2010

US Healthcare: The Right War

I got this amazing picture by artist Jake Lewis via the Wise Law blog.

This picture depicts very well that how important healthcare reform is in the US.

The Miracle of Life.

This second picture is by the same artist. It shows that an average human body is made of 100 trillion human cells and 1,500 trillion microbes. The artist refers to the human body as a petri dish. But look at the mystery and miracle of it. Every cell and microbe is programmed as to how it should behave for the average life of humans of 70+ years – mind you cells die and are replaced by new ones constantly. Now surely this programming is not done by Bill Gates and his technical staff. Just think about it. It is an extraordinarily complex and complicated computer, if I may call it one, which humans are just beginning to understand a little bit.

As a matter of fact, if you get a chance, read about the conception process, the development of the human baby and birth. A tiny sperm invisible to the naked eye fertilizing an egg smaller than a grain of sand and the process of cell multiplication begins and probably all the programming is there in that tiny sperm and egg for a full fledged human being. There are intervening factors before a baby is born but nonetheless it is an extraordinarily complex and miraculous process. The mystery of life just thickens as you study it a little more and understand it a little more.

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