Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mysteries of Mind

It is miraculous that a man in Haiti was saved after 27 days buried in a supermarket area. Apparently he had access to food and water although he had severe dehydration and was malnourished. It is almost a medical impossibility that a person can survive that long under those kinds of conditions.

According to media reports he said that a man in white coat would bring him water which kept him alive. Now some have interpreted that person in white coat as being God or an angel. That maybe a little stretch. However, doctors have said that because of stress on his body he was hallucinating. That does intrigue me because that hallucination might have kept him alive as he felt he had company and someone was helping him. That is an extraordinary ability of the mind to create hallucinations so that a person can survive, and of course other survival abilities of the brain which edges on the body to keep going. I remain mystified by life and by its mysteries.

Here is the story of the survivor.

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