Thursday, February 11, 2010

Harper to speak at B.C. legislature

Is he going to prorogue it? Olympics are being held in B.C. Gordon Campbell must be surely busy as he is Premier of the host province yet the B.C. legislature is open for Harper to speak there. Is this not ironic? Should the B.C. legislature not be closed or prorogued so Gordon Campbell has more time for Olympics (going by Harper's earlier logic). What a lousy excuse Harper has used to shut down the nation's business?

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  1. It's a verbal excuse, not the real one as you know. The shutting down of the Committee on Afghanistan was the real reason.

  2. The audacity to invite himself to speak when no invitation was sent.

    They should have refused...If you can't speak in parliament, you can't speak here!

  3. Typical hypocrisy of Harper.

  4. Has the man no shame - showing up were he is NOT invited?