Friday, January 01, 2010

Dick Cheney and Bernie Madoff

Dick Cheney is many folds more dangerous to society and the world than Bernie Madoff. I will come to that later.

First may I suggest to my American friends a New Year's resolution? Save society and world from Dick Cheney. He is a danger to American society and to the world in general. He must be removed from the vulnerable public and put in a cage. The man is very dangerous. After failed attempt by the Nigerian national to blow up a plane, Dick is saying that Obama does not know that the US is at war. Yeah Dick, the quagmire you got your country into.

Luckily all the Nigerian national succeeded to do is burn his own ass, literally. However, the disaster of 9/11 happened under Dick and his Apprentice Bush's watch. He was sleeping at the switch at the time as new information shows that warnings were there. Also the shoe-bomber incident happened under his and his Apprentice's watch. It was under his watch that the illegal war was started in Iraq which has destabilized the world, the same goes for Afghanistan as negotiations at the time would have been much more effective as the Taliban were ready to put the alleged perpetrators on trial.

It was Dick and his Apprentice who approved torture which has tarnished the US image abroad and provided fuel for more extremism. Again it was under his and his Apprentice's watch that the US constitution was violated time and again for wire-tapping and other surveillance techniques used against its own unsuspecting civilians. It goes on and on. It is about time that Americans got rid of this danger to humanity and incarcerate this man. He must be kept at a top-notch maximum-security institution.

As stated at the beginning, that Dick is far worse than Bernie Madoff. Madoff deceived the rich and privileged and did not kill anyone as such (yes some were so disheartened that might have attempted or committed suicide) yet compared to Dick Cheney his crimes are far less egregious. Since Madoff went after the rich and privileged so they went after him and he is in jail serving 150 years. In case of Dick and his Apprentice, millions of innocent men, women and children were slaughtered. Since these were poor and so-called third world citizens who cannot make Dick and his Apprentice accountable that is why Dick and associates are going scot-free. Moreover, Dick and associates are responsible for over 50,000 American causalities and among them 5000 dead in these wars and tens of thousands suffering from PTSD and other psychological problems because of Dick and his associate. It is about time that Dick and his associates were removed from society and caged. These predators are too dangerous to roam free.

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