Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dr. Willard Boyle Wins Nobel Prize

It is a great source of pride for Nova Scotia, Maritimers and Canada that Dr. Willard Boyle won the Nobel Prize for 2009 in physics along with his colleagues, American scientists Charles K. Kao and Dr. George Smith. Dr. Boyle was born in Nova Scotia and holds dual Canadian-US citizenship. He was interviewed on CTV Atlantic. Very humble and impressive man. Congratulations to Dr. Boyle.

"He (Boyle) co-invented a type of laser, worked on the Apollo space program, and in 1969 helped develop an image sensor, later hailed as a scientific breakthrough.

The charge-coupled device or CCD, developed with the help of American scientist George Smith, transforms light into a large number of digitized image points, or pixels, in a split second.

Today, the device is used in most digital cameras and camcorders, including the tiny, delicate ones found in operating rooms and the heavy-duty versions inside massive telescopes."

Thank you Dr. Boyle. I love my digital camera.

To read the story, click here.

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