Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Clean Coal???

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You must have seen those "clean coal" ads on your TV. You must have heard about coal ash too and put two words together and bang "coalash" – sounds sexy eh! Very dangerous stuff and highly polluting and no proper disposal quite often. I watch 60 Minutes once in a while and this Sunday there were some very interesting stories including one on coal ash and how hazardous it is. Lesley Stahl tells the story about the incident which happened in Kingston, Tennessee. Rest of the story you can watch on the video above.

We humans are self-destructive and we are contributing in so many ways to destroying our planet through pollution and wars. You know the Adam and Eve story where they ate the apple and got thrown out of heaven? I read the story as how we can be involved in self-destructive behaviour and the very earth which can be a peaceful and enjoyable planet we humans manage to turn into a hell through the destructive activities of pollution and war. One of the greatest destructive forces is called capitalism where greed is the over-riding factor and human lives become totally secondary. Humans in general become fuel to keep the fire of greed burning as we know that 98% of the world population works for 2% of the population who lives in opulence and the rest of the 98% are convinced that they have to work hard and they can be rich too. Sure! And if they cannot attain riches they will live in heaven for eternity. When religion is used as a tool to perpetuate this fraud then no wonder people like Karl Marx called it opium for the masses.

One of the worst example of that capitalism is our southern neighbour the U.S. The recent events of the Wall Street disaster, the fall of the banking industry and ponzi schemes are good examples of capitalism gone amok. Look at the health insurance industry which makes billions on the backs of people and is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising to stop any healthcare reform which will cut into this profiteering. All kinds of scare tactics are being used to kill healthcare reform.

With all due respect to my American friends, they have seen many disasters and if this monster of capital keeps rolling through the land much more is to come. When leaders in the US say, "God bless America" don't be mistaken that they are talking about God in heaven. Actually they are talking about the Almighty Dollar. So the slogan might as well be changed to "Almighty Dollar Bless America".

This situation in Kingston, Tennessee is being repeated all over the US and the World. We have our Tar Sands in Canada which are an environmental disaster. Unless humanity wakes up to these dangers we will succeed to self-destruct. Also we need to learn to live like one global family in peace and stop this nonsense of super power who wants to police the world in search of resources – again human greed. Does history not tell us that superpower causes horrible disasters and never survives forever?

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