Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Dangers of Gun Ownership

Remember Dick Cheney and how he shot his own friend Rush Limbaugh – okay it was someone else and not Limbaugh although that would have been more fun. Maybe people like Cheney must not have a gun. Gun control is extremely important. Put a gun in a moron's hands and there is bound to be a murder sooner or later (more likely sooner). Look at Dubya Bush himself. He had the gun of power and what havoc he caused in Afghanistan and then Iraq. Anyway, that was on a large scale. Even on the individual level it is extremely important to have gun control as to who can and cannot own a gun otherwise there are bound to be more accidents and crimes.

A good example is this guy who killed his own fiancé because he had a gun. It is tragic but if only he had not had a gun his fiancé will be alive today. The link to this story is below.

Man kills fiancé 1 day before wedding.

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