Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran: Demonstrations

When Faux News and CNN are constantly and non-stop reporting about demonstrations in Iran using the dubious sources of twitter and facebook, then should we trust it? Is this a regime change in progress operation?

Another part which is hard to understand and swallow is that Mousavi is for change and reform. He was Prime Minister from 1981 to 1989 under the previous Ayotollah and very much a product of the 1979 revolution. Moreover he was opposed to the release of American hostages at the time and very much anti-American. So with Maousavi in charge US and the West do not stand to gain much, so why is he being promoted. Is it possible that only objective is to destabilize Iran and then move in? It is hard for the western public to understand the real going-ons in Iran. I, for one, do not believe Faux News.

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  1. Good to see at least one sceptic on events in Iran. Rafsanjani is the real opponent of Ahmadinejad and the person who the west hopes will gain power because he is for accomodation to some defree and also for freer marketz--as long as he owns much of Iran! See this post (and others)

  2. Ken, thank you for your comment and link. I did read your post. It makes sense. Unfortunately whether it is Iran or anywhere else in the world there are always few chess players and rest of the humanity is pawns. Rafsanjani is a sore loser as he lost elections in 2005. It is tragic that general public is suffering and paying the price. We live in a sad world.